• Q. Why should I advertise with you?
    A. We only advertise all things bikes, so search engines only pick up what we need to sell (i.e your bike), it also means people trying to buy your bike will find yours easier.
  • Q. Why don't you charge anything for advertising?
    A. We have a sister site. www.kawakies.co.uk that sells just parts, with the items we sell, it pays for this site.
  • Q. Surely your just collecting people's information?
    A. Yes and No. Yes we collect the basic information from the client, this is so people can find their area for buying, and No, they do not have to give full address information.
  • Q. Is your site secure.?
    A. We try our hardest to ensure your details are kept in a safe place, we using 256 secure bit transfer protocol when transmitting your name, address and email details.
  • Q. Do you sell email addresses.
    A. No we are serious about spam messages as the next person, we also have our google spam protection when people sign up, they also have to complete the registration by having a valid email address.
  • Q. I have a bike that is not on your list of category's.
    A. We try and get as many categories as we can, if you contact us, we can include a new category. (it's quite quick too).
  • Q. When are you likely to make your site have fee's?
    A. We are trying to keep the fee's to Zero for the time being, if the site becomes very popular, we may have to set a standard fee, to increase the size of our behind the scene's web developement and have a better adminisration department to help with general enquiries.
  • Q.How do I contact you?
    A. We have a contact us page on this website, or you can email us directly at info@bikersbay.co.uk. We aim to respond with 48 hours.